New led light tron dance suit

 Led light tron dance costumes

This led light dance tron suit is designed according to client request.The full set included led cown hat,led suit,led gloves and led shoes.

In the front of the led light costume,the drawn is write by laser machine,it can be any design according to client request.It will be very amazing if with client logo.

The led clothing is made by led light and durable fiber optic,it is different from EL clothes.It is not easy to broken,and can be full color change.If just want to be color change,the client can choose RF remote,it is very simple and cheap.
If want it to be programmable,the wireless programmbale controller will be suitable,the client can program by software,and store in the controller,it can be meet different request.

We supply not only led costume,led dress,led robot,led stilts costume,but also mirror costume,mirror man,mirror jumpsuit and so on