DJ mirror man

DJ mirror man
  • DJ mirror man
  • DJ mirror man
  • DJ mirror man
  • DJ mirror man

DJ mirror man is for entertainment event or performance

  • Product No.: M-02


DJ mirror man 

This mirror jumpsuit is made by Visual Star Co.,Ltd,it is suitable to perfect for entertaining crowds, party, dancing shows at night clubs and night parties.


Material:High quality acrylic mirror+breathable fabric

Mirror color:silve/gold optional

Included:led mirror helmet,mirror suit and mirror shoescover

Size:S/M/L/XL or customize

Producing time:7-10 work days

Why choose our mirror costume:

1.Made by high quality acrylic,the shiny effect is same as glass,but safer than glasses

2.Cutting by laser machine,each mirror pieces with smooth edge and round corner,avoid to sratch the performers.

3.Glue in high quality fabric,mirror pieces not easy to fall off when performance.

4.Costume size,mirror shape,costume design all can be customize for you,can meet clients different requests.

5.Easy to maintain,and can be used repeatly,it is cost-effective.



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